Natsu Toyofuku opened her atelier in a courtyard between period buildings in Milan. Her pieces of jewellery and her table sculptures, made in bronze, copper and silver are displayed in her studio in the style of an art gallery.
Everything here is a mix of cultures. The fine Italian artisan tradition and the inheritance of the oriental aesthetic quality from her Japanese origins meet in Natsu’s works. Each piece is casted at workshops in Brianza, an area north of Milan, while assembly and finishing are completed in Milan.

All pieces of jewellery are unique since they are each made by hand.

“Bronze”, Natsu explains, “is very close to my sensitivity, its colouring is warm and it can reach extraordinary kinds of nuances”. Recently she has combined bronze with coloured enamels. “I found through the glaze an opportunity to express my pictorial ability, with the help and expertise of talented specialists”.
Often Natsu sets rare stones in bronze, gems from Brazil or Africa such as lemon, orange or rutilated quartz, dendritic chalcedony, turquoise root, and many other semi-precious stones; all result in an amazing and unique glimpse into the mysteries of the Mineral World.